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3 Reasons Why We Love Coconut

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3 Reasons Why We Love Coconut

From coconut oil to coconut water and from coconut milk to coconut-based beauty products, coconuts seem to be everywhere right now. Of course, coconuts taste delicious and they smell great too, but what are the benefits that have made them so hugely popular in recent years?

What are the Health Benefits of Coconut?

Coconut is believed to have multiple health benefits, including:

  • High fibre content
  • Rich in MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). MCTs are absorbed by the small intestine to the body with energy
  • Contains antioxidants, which play a key role in preventing oxidative stress
  • A source of ‘good’ fats
  • Often found in skin and hair products due to its rich antioxidant content

1. It Makes a Great Cooking Oil

Coconut oil makes a brilliant cooking oil, as it has a higher smoking point than most other cooking oils, as well as a longer shelf life. Coconut oil is incredibly versatile and can be used for frying, greasing and even baking.

Fresh coconuts and a jar of coconut oil on a wooden table

Coconut oil can be high in saturated fats, but these are mostly natural. However, it’s worth bearing this in mind if you’re counting calories or keeping track of your daily fat intake.

Virgin coconut oil is the fresher, unrefined version, making it one of the healthiest, most versatile cooking oils out there.

We stock Garden of Life Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which is made from the finest organically grown coconuts – their meat is shredded and cold-pressed to create coconut milk, then filtered and separated to extract the highest quality coconut oil. Extra virgin coconut oil is a stable, healthy, naturally saturated fat that’s free from trans-fatty acids and is naturally rich in MCTs.

2. It Tastes (and Smells) Like Summer

One of the things we love most about coconut is its gorgeous summery taste and smell. So many sun lotions are scented with coconut, which means they can evoke memories of holidays and long summer days whenever we smell the coconut scent.

White coconut cake with coconut balls on top.

Using coconut water in smoothies or juice blends can add a wonderful tropical, summery taste, while chunks of fresh coconut make a brilliant, exotic-feeling addition to a fruit salad.

Coconut is also delicious in baking recipes from coconut cakes to macaroons and lamingtons. At Every Health, we stock Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer in Coconut, which can be used in baking recipes to enhance the coconut flavour of a bake, while also helping you to boost your collagen intake with 10g of grass-fed collagen peptides per serving.

3. It’s Wonderfully Creamy

Coconut has a naturally creamy texture, and coconut milk can be a great dairy-free way to add extra creaminess to dishes like curries and soups.

As well as Vital Proteins Coconut Collagen Creamer, we also stock Garden of Life’s coconut milk-based Grass-Fed Collagen Creamer in Vanilla, which contains 10g of grass-fed collagen and 9g of fat from coconut cream per serving.

These coconut milk-based collagen creamers are perfect for adding to coffees to create a creamy texture in a delicious, dairy-free way. At the same time, you’ll be increasing your collagen intake to support the beauty of your skin and hair, and a youthful appearance.

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