Thicken Up products

ThickenUp Range

An instant thickening agent to help manage swallowing issues (dysphagia).

An Introduction To The ThickenUp Range

Resource ThickenUp Clear & ThickenUp have been designed for individuals experiencing swallowing difficulties due to conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease and multiple other neurological disorders. It is a starch-based instant thickening agent which can help to manage dysphagia. Easy to use and suitable for adding to both food and drink, Resource ThickenUp Clear & ThickenUp is safer and more effective than other starch-based thickeners.

ThickenUp and Resource ThickenUp Clear is a Food for Special Medical Purposes to be used under medical supervision.

Who Can Benefit from ThickenUp?

If you or a loved one has swallowing difficulties due to dysphagia, ThickenUp Clear can improve swallowing safety compared to normal thin liquids.

How to Use ThickenUp

ThickenUp is a xanthan gum-based thickener that mixes instantly into a wide range of foods and beverages - it can be added to tea, coffee, milk, juices and broth soups. ThickenUp Clear doesn’t overthicken with time and remains clear in water; it’s both tasteless and odourless.