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Garden of Life

At Garden of Life, we go to extraordinary lengths to empower extraordinary health. We’re passionate about using clean, quality ingredients and every product begins with real food.

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Whether it's a vitamin or a supplement, you can be sure it's made from only the finest ingredients which can be traced back to the soil from which they grew, because we believe that extraordinary food empowers extraordinary health. Energise your body and empower your life with nutrition products made to the highest standards.

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Garden of Life

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Shop Garden of Life vitamins, microbiome formulas, vegan protein powders, organic essential oils and more at Every Health. They are designed to support your health needs and wellbeing at different life stages and lifestyles.


Explore vegan-friendly Garden of Life protein powders, probiotics, organic multivitamins and microbiome supplements, all made using real food ingredients. Garden of Life is fanatical about food and it’s at the heart of our products. We believe the right foods hold the power to support our bodies to be their best.


Traceability is incredibly important to us. We pride ourselves on being able to trace thousands of ingredients right back to the seed or soil they came from to provide you with the finest whole food ingredients. We work with a network of approved farmers, getting to know where each of our ingredients comes from, so you can rest assured that you’re taking the finest supplement.