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Garden of Life Probiotics & Microbiomes

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Made using organic and non-GMO certified ingredients, the range of Garden of Life microbiome supplements feature specially tailored formulas that meet the unique health needs of men, women and children. These gut health supplements contain a diverse mix of live cultures that help to support your digestive health.

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Should Probiotics Be Taken in the Morning or Night?

There isn’t a best time to taking your microbiome supplements. Regardless of in the morning or night, the time that suits your routine the most is the best.

Is It Okay to Take Probiotics Every Day?

Yes. Microbiome strains are live microorganisms that contribute to the maintenance of a healthy gut environment when taken in adequate amounts. There are different strains of the microbiome with different effects, so it’s important to find out the one that meets your health needs.

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What are the Signs You Need Probiotics?

Poor gut health may lead to several health problems, such as:

- Gastrointestinal issue, such as bloating, diarrhea, gas or constipation

- Overweight

- May have a negative impact on your moods

If you’re experiencing problems as mentioned, you may benefit from taking microbiome supplements.

What are the benefits of taking probiotics?

Microbiome supplements are great for:

- Promoting healthy gut

- Supporting healthy digestive system

Garden of Life probiotics are designed especially for this! Garden of Life microbiome formulas boast of their quality ingredients – non-GMO and organic certified, making them the perfect daily option for supporting a healthy digestive system.

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