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Swallowing difficulties can be extremely distressing, but there are ways to manage them. At Every Health, we’re pleased to stock ThickenUp Clear, an instant thickening agent to help manage swallowing issues (dysphagia).

Here, we take a look at what ThickenUp Clear is, how to spot potential signs of dysphagia and how to use ThickenUp Clear.

What is ThickenUp Clear?

ThickenUp Clear provides a quick and easy way to thicken most liquids, such as water, hot tea and coffee, milk, juice and broth soups.

A clinically proven formula designed for swallowing safety and efficiency, ThickenUp Clear helps get vital food and nutrients to people with swallowing difficulties.

As a xantham gum-based thickener, ThickenUp Clear is safer and more effective than many other formulas, making it easy to create the perfect consistency for individuals who struggle with swallowing.

Who is ThickenUp Clear for?

ThickenUp Clear is formulated for people experiencing swallowing difficulties who require a texture modified diet. Thanks to its greater thickening power, ThickenUp Clear allows patients to manage their expenses better.

It’s designed to be used under medical supervision, so you should contact your GP if you think you or someone you care for may benefit from ThickenUp Clear.

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What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia is the medical term for ‘swallowing difficulties’. These could be the result of conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease or other neurological disorders.

When people are unable to swallow, they may be unable to get all of the nutrients they need to stay well, potentially putting their overall health at risk.

Signs of dysphagia can include:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Coughing during eating or choking on food or drink
  • Bringing food back up during eating, possibly through the nose

Managing Dysphagia

If you’re diagnosed with dysphagia, don’t worry, it’s manageable and can be treated. You can consult your GP or a healthcare professional, who’d be able to suggest a customised treatment plan to support your swallowing difficulties. Experiencing swallowing difficulties shouldn’t be stopping you from enjoying meals with your friends and family. There’re certain foods that you might need to avoid, but you’d still be able to enjoy them by thickening or pureeing. We listed foods that might need modification:

  • Thin liquids, such as juice and water
  • Foods that require a lot of chewing
  • Foods that melt in your mouth, such as ice cream
  • Foods that have solids and liquids
  • Foods that are dry and/or crumbly

It’s a long list, so this is why modifying your food and beverages is crucial, as it helps deliver the nutrition and hydration you need to stay healthy. There’re three common ways to do so:

  • Incorporating moistening agents, such as gravy, into your foods
  • Pureeing or mashing your foods
  • Make the consistency of your drink more manageable by thickening it

How to Use ThickenUp Clear

ThickenUp Clear can be added to hot or cold liquids and to foods such as soups and smoothies to help people with dysphagia to continue enjoying mealtimes, with no lumps.

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ThickenUp Clear is a xantham gum-based thickener that doesn’t overthicken with time and remains clear in water.

Each tablespoon (approx. 4.5g) of ThickenUp Clear contains 15 calories and it won’t change the flavour or aroma of food or beverages.

If you’re interested in exploring ThickenUp Clear, speak to your GP before purchasing from Every Health.

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