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Top 4 Beauty Supplements that Help to Enhance Your Skin Care Routine

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Good skin comes from within – a balanced diet with essential nutrients can promote a youthful appearance and help you to glow from the inside. Collagen and vitamin C are one of the most important nutrients that contribute to healthy skin.

Every Health stocks a wide range of beauty supplements from across various brands, including Vital Proteins and Garden of Life – you’ll find the one you need to enhance your beauty routine! We’ve selected 4 of our favourite beauty supplements, discover them now!

1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

What is Collagen? Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body, and it can be found in in all our connective tissues, ligaments, bones and skin. However, the natural supply of collagen declines as we age. Don’t worry, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides could be the helping hand you need!

Vital Proteins’ Collagen Peptides is a beauty supplement designed to promote a youthful appearance. Made using bovine collagen, this collagen peptides powder is unflavoured and odourless, making it an incredibly versatile addition to hot and cold drinks and other recipes!

Introducing a daily serving of this collagen peptides powder provides various benefits, including:

  • 20g of quality bovine collagen
  • Promote a youthful appearance
  • Bioavailable – it can be digested and absorbed by the body quickly
  • Easy to use and highly versatile – soluble in both cold and hot drinks

Did you know there’re other ways to use collagen powder in your routine? You’ll find everything you need to know here:

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How to Use Collagen Powder in Your Routine

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2. Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin C

Many may wonder: What does vitamin C do for your skin? In fact, vitamin C contributes to not only a healthy immune system, but also normal collagen formation, meaning it helps to increase our natural collagen supply, hence promoting healthy skin.

You can increase your vitamin C intake by eating more citrus fruits and dark leaf greens. Alternatively, you could try vitamin C supplements – an efficient and hassle-free way!

Discover Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin C – a dietary supplement that features whole food vitamin C. It’s specially formulated with 500mg of vitamin C, which is derived from a blend of 23 organic fruits, vegetables, and natural food cofactors, so you can rest assured that the supplement you’re taking is made from the best ingredients!

Alternatively, you could try Garden of Life’s Organics Vitamin C Spray – it boosts your vitamin C intake with a spray. Featuring whole food ingredients, it can easily fit into your bag or pocket, allowing you to boost your vitamin intake on-the-go!

3. Collagen Super Beauty – Blueberry Acai

Garden of Life’s Collagen Super Beauty Powder is specially designed to promote a youthful appearance, decrease wrinkles and fine lines. It features the addition of melon extract and astaxanthin, providing you with 10g of collagen, and vitamin C, along with antioxidants, which can contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

The acai berry flavour makes it highly versatile – it can be added to your shakes, smoothies and even baking recipes, providing a refreshing fruity twist.

4. Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen Tropical Hibiscus

Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen is a beauty supplement that’s an elixir for hair, skin and nails. Made using bovine collagen peptides, alongside hyaluronic acid and live cultures, a daily serving of Beauty Collagen helps to promote a youthful appearance.

The Tropical Hibiscus features the addition of hibiscus, providing a tasty summery tropical flavour. It’s also highly versatile, the hibiscus flavour adds a refreshing twist to your smoothies and teas.

Discover the full range of Vital Proteins’ Beauty Collagen, including Lavendar Lemon and Watermelon Mint, and support your skin health today!

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