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Tips for Getting Kids to Take Vitamins

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With an aversion to veggies, issues with texture, and a preference for all things sweet, making sure your kids get all the right nutrients and vitamins isn’t always easy. For children struggling to get their key nutrients, a kid’s multivitamin supplement can bridge the gap, ensuring your child is happy, healthy and ready to take on the day.


Read on to learn why vitamin supplements are a great choice for your child and discover our top tips for getting kids to take vitamins.


Do Kids Need Vitamins?


As children grow, it’s important for them to get enough vitamins and minerals, as they contribute to a healthy immune system, brain development, heart health and much more. According to NHS advice, the government recommends all children aged 6 months to 5 years are given vitamin supplements containing vitamins A, C and D every day.


It is important to note that the NHS also recommends babies who are having more than 500ml (about a pint) of infant formula a day should not be given vitamin supplements. This is because formula is already fortified with vitamins A, C and D and other nutrients. For babies who are being breastfed, they recommend giving a daily vitamin D supplement from birth, whether or not you’re taking a supplement containing vitamin D yourself.


Before giving your little one any supplements, be sure to consult your GP first.


How to Get Kids to Take Vitamins


So how do you go about getting your kids to take their vitamins? There can a be number of reasons your kids don’t like taking vitamins. It may be that your kids don’t enjoy the feeling of swallowing a large supplement, or that they don’t enjoy the taste. Luckily, there’s many different forms of supplements and multivitamins for kids that they may find more palatable.


Liquid Vitamins for Kids


Liquid vitamins are the best way to ensure your little ones are getting all the key nutrients they need. Ideal for babies and toddlers, liquid vitamins for kids are much more palatable and safer, reducing the risk of a choking hazard versus large supplements or gummies. Simply use a syringe to measure out the liquid vitamin, before adding to food or liquid.


Kids Chewable Vitamins


Tasty enough to chew, kids chewable vitamins could be the solution when it comes to getting your children to take vitamins. Available in a range of flavours for easy ingesting, chewable vitamins are specifically formulated to be easier to take. Chewable vitamins can take the form of a softgel or a small tablet-like supplement.



Ensure your child is getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals with chewable multivitamins, DHA chewables and even chewable microbiome supplements for kids.


Gummy Vitamins for Kids


If your child can’t seem to get the texture of chewables and refuses to take a liquid kids vitamin, you might want to consider vitamin gummies. Gummies are a tasty, convenient way to ensure even the fussiest of kids are getting the right vitamins every day. The fruit flavour and gummy texture means they’re fun and appealing to take, while delivering the key nutrients your child needs.



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