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How Long Does It Take Vitamins to Work?

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We get it, when you introduce vitamins into your routine you want to be able to see the benefits kick-in instantly. But when it takes time for you to start enjoying the benefits, it may leave you wondering how long does it take vitamins to work?  


That said, we’ve put together the perfect guide on all things vitamins and how long it takes for vitamins to work.  


Vitamins and their Timescales 

We know that incorporating vitamins and supplements into your diet can feel like an indispensable step towards improving your general health, but it’s important to remember that it takes time to recognise immediate changes or derive any benefits.

So, to give you an idea of the kind of timescales you can expect, we’ve listed a couple of examples below:


How Long Does Vitamin C Take to Work? 


Vitamin C Supplements takes three months to work. However, if you’re deficient in the vitamin, it may take less time to feel any changes. 


 It’s responsible for many functions in the body including supporting your immune system and providing your body with antioxidants to help fight off free radical damage.  


So, ensuring this vitamin is part of your routine is essential if you want to reap in vitamin C benefits. 


How Long Does it Take Vitamin D to Work?


Vitamin D Supplements takes approximately four to six weeks  to identify any discernible changes, so consistent dosage is key here.  


However, vitamin D, like other fat-soluble vitamins, can be stored in the body for longer and doesn’t have to be replaced as often (though daily intake of 10 mcg for adults is encouraged). 


For this reason, it’s best to take vitamin D with meals, as this will optimise its absorption into your bloodstream. 


How Long Does Magnesium Take to Work?


Magnesium takes 2 weeks to work and take effect in your system. 


It’s a key component in a well-rounded diet, as it contributes to the healthy function of your nerves, muscles, brain, and heart.  


How Can You Tell if Vitamins Are Working?


Before embarking on a supplement journey, be sure to record the symptoms you’ve been experiencing up to that point.


That way, after taking a course of supplements, you’ll be able to document any improvements and measure precisely how long it took to recognise the vitamins working.


A medical professional or nutritionist will help you determine where your base levels of each vitamin lie.


How to Take Vitamins  


Whether you prefer a powder, tablet, pill or liquid, there’s a composition that will allow you to incorporate supplements seamlessly into your diet. However, the way you choose to take vitamins will affect how long it takes to work.  


If you’re looking to reap the rewards of vitamins as soon as possible, supplement sprays have been shown to have much quicker absorption rates, due to their formulations which allow them to bypass your digestive system.  


Dosage is also important to bear in mind. Though it may be tempting to up your intake to see results sooner, it’s essential to only take up to the recommended daily amount.


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And there you have it! There’s everything you need to know about the timescales of your supplement routine, so you know when to start feeling those health benefits. 

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