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The Many Health Benefits of Rosemary Oil

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Rosemary has long been hailed as a staple of the culinary world; able to infuse dishes with its wonderful flavour. What you may not have known, however, is that rosemary and rosemary oil have also been adopted by the skin and haircare community, thanks to their nourishing and clarifying properties as an essential oil. 


That being said, we’ve created this handy guide to help expand your insight into the ins and outs of this essential oil, including how to seamlessly incorporate it into your daily routine. 


What is Rosemary Oil? 


Also known as a carrier oil, rosemary oil is native to the Mediterranean and proclaimed by ancient civilisations to hold the key to immortality. The essential oil is derived from the plant through steam distillation. From there, we are gifted with a substance that possesses a plethora of nourishing perks, from promoting hair growth to clearing blocked noses. 


Rosemary oil is abundant in components such as pinene, camphor and camphene. These ingredients have anti-septic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, so this essential oil helps to nourish you on the inside and out. 


How Does Rosemary Oil Help Your Hair? 


Rosemary’s place in the home has advanced further than the herb cupboard. In fact, rosemary oil has long been a staple ingredient in haircare routines due to its deeply nourishing and hair growing characteristics. 


For many, hair loss and patchiness can be a large impediment to achieving hair confidence. It’s often attributed to hair follicles suffering blood loss, which causes them to die and break away from your scalp. However, as rosemary oil can nurture tissue growth and promote better circulation, it can work to encourage hair growth, and its moisturising properties can help to ease flaky scalps and reduce dandruff. One simple essential oil can help to keep your hair looking good and feeling strong.  


So, if limp, lifeless and flaky hair is something you battle with, rosemary oil may be the solution to help infuse your hair with a boost of volume and improved density. 


How to use Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth? 


If you fancy incorporating rosemary oil into your haircare routine, we recommend you add a few drops to your favourite shampoo or hair mask. Alternatively, you can caress it thoroughly into your scalp with your fingers or gently massage with a scalp massager. This will not only protect those all-important follicles, but will also help to rectify any dryness and flakiness.  


While it’s tempting to dive straight into daily use with rosemary oil, we recommend that you build up usage gradually to ensure that your hair can adjust. Start with using the oil once a week, and boost your application from there.  


Rosemary oil is not the only saving grace available for your hair: Peppermint Oil can also work wonders for your tresses. Simply add into your shampoo or massage directly onto the scalp.  


 How Does Rosemary Oil Help Your Skin? 


While rosemary oil has long been heralded as an integral piece of any hair-enthusiast’s routine, it’s time to add it to your skincare shelf. Some may feel a little sceptical about introducing an additional oil to their skincare schedules, especially if oily skin is something you already struggle with. However, fear not.  


Rosemary oil can help provide your skin with a range of benefits, including minimising the appearance of blemishes and contributing to a healthy, glowing complexion.  


Simply add a few drops into your moisturiser, or use it by itself as a part of your night-time skincare routine and gently massage into your skin to wake up looking radiant.  


However, this essential oil isn’t just reserved for your face. You can also add a few generous drops to your exfoliating scrubs and body lotions to treat your body to a restorative dose of rosemary oil’s many properties. 


If you’re enjoying an at-home spa day, rosemary oil can also be slathered on bare skin when you’re stepping out of the shower or sprinkled into a hot bath. 


Can Rosemary Oil Help in Other Ways? 


Rosemary oil is not only used to make you look your best, but also has the power to help you feel your best.  


It has a place in the alluring world of aromatherapy, and whether you enjoy an electronic or reed diffuser, rosemary oil can be added to these handy fragrance devices to circulate a subtle scent in your home. Breathing in the soft earthy notes of rosemary has been shown to have a myriad of effects on your mood, including the ability to boost your concentration and improve your memory.  


But rosemary oil’s remedial effects don’t end there – its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial if you’re suffering from a stubborn cough or a blocked nose. It can be added to chest salves, balms and hot water to ease sinuses and sore chests.

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