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Experiencing unintentional weight loss or a reduced appetite as the result of an illness can be distressing. At Every Health, we stock Pro-Cal™, a range of oral nutritional supplements, which can help with the dietary management of disease-related malnutrition.

Read on to find out more about what Pro-Cal™ is and how it can help with your dietary management.

What is Pro-Cal shot™?

Pro-Cal shot™ is a Food for Special Medical Purposes and must be used under medical supervision. It is suitable from 3 years of age.

Pro-Cal shot™ is a specially designed oral nutritional supplement that aims to provide you with additional energy and protein at times of illness.

Each 120ml bottle of Pro-Cal shot™ provides you with 400kcal and 8g of protein. It is available in Neutral and Strawberry flavours. It can be taken as small 30ml ‘shots’ throughout the day or added to foods and drinks.

The low volume is designed for those who have a small appetite or for those who are following a fluid restriction as advised by a healthcare professional.

What can Pro-Cal shot™ do?

Increase your intake of energy and protein.

How Do I Use Pro-Cal shot™?

You can take small volumes of Pro-Cal shot™ throughout the day or add it into suitable foods and beverages. A typical intake would be 4 x 30ml of Pro-Cal shot™ per day, providing 400kcal and 8g protein.

You should always speak to your healthcare professional before using Pro-Cal shot™ – they will be able to advise on your individual needs.

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Who Should Take Pro-Cal Shot™?

Pro-Cal shot is specially formulated to support those who suffer from disease related malnutrition, malabsorption states, and other conditions where you need fortification with nutrient-dense supplements.

How Much Pro-Cal shot™ Should I Take?

Pro-Cal shot™ is food specially designed for medical purposes, so it’s advisable to consult your GP or a dietitian to determine optimal intake.

Are Pro-Cal shot™ Suitable for Kids?

Pro-Cal shot™ is suitable for children aged three and onwards. It can also be added to a wide range of snacks and desserts, such as yoghurt, cheesecake, fruit mousse, and more, to make it more appealing to children.

How to Prepare Pro-Cal shot™

Pro-Cal shot™ is incredibly easy to prepare. You simply twist the cap open, measure the desired amount, and drink!

It can also be added into suitable foods, including cereal, porridge, scrambled eggs, gravy, soups, casseroles and creamy desserts, making Pro-Cal™ a great match with your breakfast, lunch, evening meal and snacks!

Pro-Cal shot™ can be added to beverages such as coffee, milk, hot chocolate and milkshakes to increase their energy and protein content. Pro-Cal shot™ can also be frozen in ice cube trays or lolly ice moulds, which may be ideal for those who have sore mouth.

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