Roller Skating: Your New Favourite Hobby

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Roller Skating: Your New Favourite Hobby

Roller skating is enjoying something of a renaissance, having made a major comeback amid the various lockdowns.

Roller Skates

Roller skating provided a fun way for people to exercise away from the closed gyms, while enjoying the fresh air and spending time surrounded by nature, which can be great for your mood.

If you’re new to roller skating, it provides a great opportunity to learn a new skill. It’s a largely seasonal exercise, as it’s not as safe when it’s wet or icy outdoors, so make plenty of time for your new favourite hobby this summer!

The Beginner’s Guide to Roller Skating

Never tried roller skating before? Here’s everything you need to know about getting started:

What Roller Skating Gear Do I Need?

We recommend investing in:

  • A good pair of roller skates that fit properly and feel secure on your feet
  • A helmet
  • Protective elbow and knee pads

Woman roller skating in park on inline skates

Make sure you’re wearing clothes that you can easily move in, but avoid anything that’s too long or flowy that could become caught as you’re skating along.

Plan Your Route in Advance

Think about your route in advance; try to avoid anywhere that’s too busy or crowded to keep yourself and other people safe and be mindful of the weather. If you’re roller skating in the summer, apply a high factor SPF sunscreen before you set off; if it’s raining, icy or the forecast looks uncertain, consider heading out on your skates at another time instead.

If you’re not yet ready to brave roller skating alone outdoors, check out local roller rinks or even roller skating groups in your area.

Fuel Your Body

Protein contributes to maintenance and growth of muscle mass, so don’t forget to fuel your body with a protein shake or protein bar before a roller skating session!

Why Roller Skating Is Such Good Exercise

Roller skating naturally works out your leg and lower body muscles, while it also requires good balance and stability, which makes it a great workout for your core. Roller skating can be a good workout for your upper body too, as you need to use your upper strength to drive yourself along.

Other benefits of roller skating include:

  • Can help to improve strength, especially lower body strength
  • Can help to improve balance
  • Releases endorphins or ‘happy hormones’, giving your mood a natural boost
  • A fun way to get a cardio workout in; cardiovascular exercise can help with weight management, as well as managing your risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes

How Many Calories Does Roller Skating Burn?

An average-sized adult who roller skates at a moderate pace for an hour could burn more than 300 calories. Pick up the pace, and the number of calories burned could almost double, meaning roller skating can be a great workout.

Want to make sure you’re fuelling your body for roller skating in the best possible way? Discover the right protein powder to support your goals:

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